Configurable Screens > Setting up Configurable Screens
Setting up Configurable Screens
To set up configurable screens:
1 Choose Administration|Configurable Screens.
2 Click Configurable Screens Setup.

Configurable Screens Setup
You must specify values for the following fields:
Enable Configurable Screens
Select this field to enable members of the group specified for UI Design Group to create screen templates and assign them to users.
Enabled: Members of the UI design group can create templates, and templates assigned to user groups are active when those users access the associated program.
Disabled: Templates cannot be created and any that exist are not active even if assigned to users.
UI Design Group
Enter the name of a user group that is authorized to create and modify screen templates. Only members of this group can create configurable screen templates. In QAD Enterprise Applications - Standard Edition, predefine groups in User Group Maintenance (36.3.4) and then associate them with users in User Maintenance (36.3.1).
Click Save to apply this setting.
Setting Up Configurable Screens in Enterprise Edition
In QAD Enterprise Applications - Standard Edition, you assign templates to user groups, which you define in User Group Maintenance (36.3.4) and then assign to users in User Maintenance (36.3.1).
In QAD Enterprise Applications - Enterprise Edition, the user group function is replaced by the role function. To enable Configurable Screens in Enterprise Edition, you therefore enter the name of the role to which you want to assign the function in the UI Design Group setup field. The users to which this role has been assigned are then authorized to create and modify templates for Configurable Screens.