Configurable Screens > Creating a Template
Creating a Template
The Configurable Screens Setup screen is displayed when you right-click on a program in the Applications area and choose Design. Use this screen to manage the UI templates for the selected program.

Configurable Screens Template
To create a new template, follow these steps:
1 Enter a name (up to 40 characters) for the new template in the Template column of the Configurable Screens Setup screen.
2 Enter the template description (up to 60 characters) to indicate its purpose.
3 Indicate if you want this template to be a generic template assigned to all users. If you want this template to be used whenever a more specific one is not found, select the All Users field. When this option is selected, you cannot assign any specific groups.
4 If this is not a generic template, select one or more user groups to assign to this template. The Select Groups list displays all defined groups in the system.
Select one or multiple user groups to which to assign the template.
5 Click Delete to delete the selected template, Copy to create a copy of the selected template, or Preview to display the template as it applies to the current program screen.
6 Click Configure to display the Configure screen and program screen, and to begin the template design, as described in the next section.