Configurable Screens > Restricting Configurable Screens by Domain
Restricting Configurable Screens by Domain
By default, the Configurable Screens function does not take into account the user's domain when providing access to the Configurable Screens templates. This means that if you have access to a template in one domain, access is granted across all domains. You can, however, restrict this function by domain by resetting the configByDomain parameter in the setting.dat files for the environment.
For example, you have access to a template as a member of the group/role G1 in domain D1. If configByDomain=no, the template is applied regardless of the domain you are logged in to. If configByDomain=yes, however, the template is applied only when you are logged in to domain D1. If, however, a group/role named G1 is also available in a different domain D2, the template is also applied in domain D2. This is because templates are assigned to groups/roles and not specifically to domains.
The setting.dat files are located in two directories:
QADInstallDir/qadui/com/mfgpro, and QADInstallDir/qadui/com/qad/mfgpro
and you must apply this change to both files:
1 Locate the following parameter in the setting.dat files:
/* Restrict Configurable Screens by Domain */ configByDomain=No
2 Set configByDomain=Yes in both files.
3 Exit the files and log in to the application.
4 Select Connection Manager and click Restart Connection Manager.