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Setting Up HTTPS for AIA
Progress AIA provides Internet access for clients to access an AppServer or Sonic Adapter application. It supports both HTTP and HTTPS. This section describes how to set up AppServer Internet Adapter (AIA) with HTTPS. The following steps assume you have installed AIA and now want to configure it to support HTTPS.
1 In the file, update the httpsEnabled parameter in the Aia section (0 is disabled and 1 is enabled):
2 Update the client-session.xml file to use HTTPS with AppServer connections. For example:
<!-- MFG AppServer connection -->
3 Update client-session.xml to secure the MFG Login AppServer connection. For example:
<!-- MFG login AppServer connection -->
4 Update client-session.xml to secure the Financials AppServer URL connection. For example:
<!-- Financials AppServer URL -->
<qad.appserver url="">
5 Restart Tomcat.