About This Course
About This Course
Course Description
QAD designed this course to cover the basics of using the QAD .NET User Interface (.NET UI) with both QAD Enterprise Applications Standard Edition (SE) and Enterprise Edition (EE).
The course includes:
An introduction to the QAD .NET UI
Navigating the QAD .NET UI
Application help options
QAD .NET UI programs
Basics of browses
An introduction to the character user interface
Students will also learn by labs designed to reinforce concepts presented in this training guide.
Learn how to navigate QAD Enterprise Applications using the QAD .NET UI. In addition, students will be able understand the help options, different types of programs, and be able to use browses effectively.
Students will become more efficient in the use of QAD Enterprise Applications.
Implementation consultants
Members of implementation teams
Key users
Students should have some familiarity with Enterprise (EE) and Standard (SE) editions of QAD Enterprise Applications.
Course Credit and Scheduling
This course is designed to be taught in two days.
Virtual Environment Information
This guide applies to both the Standard Edition and the Enterprise Edition of QAD Enterprise Applications. Use the hands-on exercises in this book with the latest Enterprise Edition learning environment in the 10USA > 10USACO workspace. When prompted to log in, specify demo for user ID and qad for password.
Note: Users of Standard Edition should complete the exercises in the EE environment; the concepts are the same in both environments and can be applied to Standard Edition. Features that only apply to Enterprise Edition are noted in the text.