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Exercise and Knowledge Check
These exercises and discussion questions will help you become familiar with navigating the user interface.
1 Using each of the Process maps (Vertical Industry, End-to-End, and Supply Chain), drill down until you can create a sales order. Which view seemed easiest to you?
2 Create a custom menu by:
a Right-clicking a menu item and selecting Add to Favorites.
b Drag several menu items into the Favorites section of the UI.
3 Open the following four programs:
Sales Order Maintenance
Sales Order Shipments
Sales Order Browse
Sales Order Credit Browse
Right-click on Sales Order Browse and create a new tab group. Add Sales Order Credit Browse to the tab group with the other browse. Can you see how this arrangement could help you when processing a sales order?
Right-click on Sales Order Browse again and select Close All.
4 Change the way a program displays:
a Select Customer Data Maintenance from the menu.
b Right-click and select Properties.
c On the General tab, note the menu number associated with this program. What is this field labeled?
d Click the Program tab and change Display with to Terminal. Click OK.
e Type the menu number (2.1.1) in the search and press Enter.
f Compare the two program displays by selecting a customer record and moving through the frames. How is this UI different than the normal Desktop mode?