Help in the QAD .NET UI > Help Menu
Help Menu
Options on the Help menu include:
Search displays a panel where you can search field or program help or both using terms and operators.
Application Help is available when your cursor is in a field. Choosing it displays the relevant field or program help. You can display the same information by pressing the F1 key.
View Configuration opens a window that displays various configuration settings that cannot be directly changed. This information can by useful for system diagnostics.
Send Error Report lets you save or send an error report that includes QAD .NET UI configuration information and log files. You can enter additional information about what you were doing when the problem happened. Optionally, you can enter your e-mail address and send a screen shot.
About displays information about the version of QAD .NET UI that is running, the time the session was started, and the total amount of physical memory being used.