Browses in the QAD .NET UI > Browses as Favorites
Browses as Favorites
Non-component browses do not support the Saved Search feature, but you can save both types of browses to your favorites:
1 Click the Add to Favorites button.
2 The browse is saved to your Favorites area and named based on the name of the browse.
If it is the first instance you have saved, the browse name in the Favorites area is the name of the browse. If you save the same browse again, a (2) is appended to the name in the Favorites area.
3 Once you have saved the browse to the Favorites pane, you can rename the browse and organize it in the same way as other items saved in the Favorites pane.
Renaming Browse Favorites
To rename a browse:
1 Right-click the browse.
2 Click on Rename.
3 Enter a new name for the browse.