Browses in the QAD .NET UI > Quick Search
Quick Search
The Quick Search filter (*Search For) is available in all power browses and lets you search for a value across all of the fields in the browse. Quick Search looks for integers and text strings only and does not retrieve dates.
Use the *Search For option from the Search pull-down list in a browse to retrieve all the results that contain the search value in any of the columns. Choose the Contains, Starts With, or Equals operator for the system to use when searching across columns in the browse data.
You can also create groups of browses for quick search purposes by adding them to the Quick Search panel. By default, the browse groups area of the panel is empty. Create a new browse group by right-clicking on the panel and selecting New to create a new browse folder. Add individual browses or browse collections by selecting the folder and dragging and dropping browses from the Applications panel.
After you have created the browse groups, select one and enter a search term in the Quick Search field. Press Enter to search the browses contained in the folder for the term. The results display in browse format in the workspace.