Browses in the QAD .NET UI > Using the Chart Designer
Using the Chart Designer
With the Browse Chart Designer, you can:
Quickly generate graphical representations of browse data.
Toggle between the standard browse display (called the grid view) and the chart view.
Use the chart view editor to select data in a browse and display the data in graphical format, such as a pie chart or bar graph.
Creating Charts from Browses
The Browse Chart Designer lets you choose settings that define a chart:
X-Axis and Y-Axis Label
Enter the label for the chart’s x and y axis data.
Select the variable for the x-axis data from a pull-down menu listing the available columns in the browse.
Select up to five variables for the y-axis data from a pull-down menu listing the available columns in the browse.
Group By X Values
Select Yes if you want to display all the common x-axis data together in groups. Select No if you want to display the x-axis data individually.
Chart Title
Enter a title for the chart.
Chart Type
Select from among the available chart types.
Click the Preview Chart button to view the chart before you save it.
You can toggle between the chart view and the grid view of the browse by selecting Chart or Grid View on the Actions menu. If you are in chart view, Grid View is displayed on the menu, and if you are in grid view, Chart is displayed.
Chart Options
While in chart view, you can do the following:
Rotate and Zoom 3D Charts
You can rotate 3D charts by pressing the Alt key and moving the mouse. Similarly, you can zoom 3D charts by pressing the Alt key and moving the mouse’s scroll wheel.
Search Charts
The QAD .NET UI’s browse search capabilities apply to the chart view as well as the grid view. By using the search capabilities you can interactively change the chart view of the browse.
Hide Titles and Legend
Chart titles and legend are shown by default. You can hide (or show) titles by right-clicking and selecting Hide Titles (or Show Titles). Similarly, you can hide (or show) the legend by right-clicking and selecting Hide Legend (or Show Legend).
Launch in New Window
To launch a chart in a new window, right-click the chart and select Launch in New Window.
Copy to Clipboard
You can copy the chart to the clipboard so you can paste it in other applications. To copy the chart to the clipboard, right-click in the chart area and select Copy to Clipboard.
Edit Chart Design
To return to the chart editor, select Chart Designer from the Setup menu.
Interactive Charting
For any item in the chart that has a drill-down, you can have a split-screen view of both the chart and the drill-down browse, which can also be displayed as a chart.
When you click on an item in the first chart, the drill-down chart will automatically change to reflect the changed data for the drill-down.
Clicking on an item in the chart also selects the associated row in the browse.
Conversely, clicking on a row in a browse also selects the associated item in the chart.