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Exercise and Knowledge Check
1 Open up the Sales Order Browse. Highlight any Sales Order and drill down by double-clicking a Sales Order number. In the Sales Order Maintenance screen that appears, click the Sold-To lookup.
2 Go to Supplier Invoice View and display a component-based browse.
3 Use Sales Order Browse and limit the output of the Sales Order Browse to orders for one specific customer.
What filter did you use? What operator did you use? Send the output to an Excel sheet.
4 From the Metrics folder, display the Accounts Receivable metric.
5 Run Excel Integration for Country Browse. Delete a country and re-import the Excel sheet.
6 Run Sales Order Browse and rearrange the columns. Group the results by Sold-To.
7 Use Chart Designer to create a chart for Item Master Browse.
Label the x axis Product Line and select the variable prod line.
Label the y axis label Part Number and select the variable item number and group by count.
Select a 3D pie chart and run the chart.