Using the Character UI > Main Menu
Main Menu
QAD Enterprise Applications has locations for 36 modules on the character-based main menu. In turn, each module has one or more menus attached to it. Menus are lists of programs you use to look up or input data.
The menus that you see depend on the security access that has been granted to your role. Only menus with programs that you have access to display. When you enter a menu number on the command line, the system either executes a program or displays a lower-level menu. You can keep drilling down through the menus until you reach the appropriate level. Alternatively, you can access a program directly by entering its Progress name—such as ppptmt.p for Item Master Maintenance—or number at the command prompt.
If the current menu displayed is System Admin (36), you can enter 2.13 to access Generalized Codes Maintenance. However, you must enter .1.4.1 to run Item Master Maintenance (1.4.1) because it is on a different submenu.
You can also use the arrow keys to move around the menu, then press Enter to execute the highlighted selection.