Using the Character UI > Browse Menu Bar
Browse Menu Bar
To scroll through the records, use the Up and Down arrows.
The User Menu in the browse menu bar differs from the User Menu accessed by pressing F6. The User Menu in the browse menu bar provides access to:
Print Options
Run Program
Cutting text deletes it from its current location and copies it to the clipboard. Copying is similar, but it leaves the original text in place. In both cases, you can paste the text to another location, such as a field.
1 Choose the text to cut or copy.
2 Display the Edit Menu. This menu choice is available only when text is selected.
3 Choose Cut or Copy.
4 Position the cursor in the new location.
5 Choose paste.
Browse Options. Use this option to set up filter criteria for browses. The filter criteria limit the viewable records according to your specifications. For example, you can filter out product numbers or statuses that you do not want to view.
Toggle Filter: Use the toggle filter setting to turn on and off the filter criteria set up in the browse filter options.
Use this menu to access help on fields, as well as display drill downs and lookup browses on selected fields. The fastest way to get help for the current field is by pressing F2 twice: press F2 once and, if available, a lookup browse displays) but you can also bring it up with the Help menu. With the cursor in the field, drop down the Help menu and choose Field Help and procedure help.
Output Devices
You can send the output from reports, inquiries, and browses to a number of devices, including the following:
Your terminal
A server printer
An e-mail message
However, the character user interface does not offer as many options as the QAD .NET UI. You can send output to Terminal or page, but not to Window. If you select Window, the system displays an error message. The Winprint option is designed only for Windows clients. If you select this option, the system displays an error message. Otherwise, the output options are the same in both interfaces. If you select a printer as the output device, be sure to use one that has been defined with a destination type of Default in Printer Setup Maintenance (36.13.2). Just as in the QAD .NET UI, you cannot use e-mail unless it has been set up properly.