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Dashboard Example
QAD Dashboards bring together browses, web pages, business intelligence, and metrics within panels. For example, this slide shows a dashboard you could create to review Large Customer Orders. The dashboard includes panels that provide information from Sales Order Detail Browse (using a chart view), Sales Order Browse, a Customer Orders metric, a Top 25 Customers by Domain and Financial Year – Business Intelligence (BI) view, and a panel for the QAD web site. Each panel offers a quick summary; to find out more, you click on the panel to open the item, such as a browse, within which you can drill-down further for more detailed information. As a user, you can create, copy, and modify dashboards like this one directly in QAD .NET UI. Further, you can save one or more dashboards as favorites and have them open automatically when you log in to the QAD .NET UI. As an administrative user, you can publish dashboards for use by others and assign them one or more user roles defined in the system.