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Related Metrics
Leveraging Customization tools to adapt QAD Enterprise Applications to your business processes, not only makes users more productive and supports better decision making, it also affects IT Effectiveness.
Typical measurements related to this KPI include IT Spend / Revenue, System Availability, Service Request Resolution Time, Service Level Adherence and User Satisfaction.
Tools that help you quickly adapt data entry screens and reports to your business needs, while giving users the ability to generate critical information without calling a programmer, helps you deploy your QAD Enterprise Application quickly and at the lowest possible cost. This reduces IT Spend, while maximizing User Satisfaction.
Additional metrics and the relative importance of each one will depend on your definition of the Effective Enterprise. You can monitor performance against your defined metrics using a combination of Business Intelligence Dashboards, Operational Metrics, Browses and Reports.
Key Points
IT Effectiveness KPI
o Implement quickly, at lower cost
o Increase productivity and user satisfaction
o Provide better decision-making information
Standard metrics; Importance varies by company