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How QAD improves productivity
Split Screen Browses
Often when you are using a browse, you might want to look up more information. For example, here you have a list of sales orders, but what if you wanted detail on a specific order?
Just select hybrid view and there it is – side-by-side with your browse.
If you want to edit the details, just click. That is all there is to it!
Highlight any order
In Browse, click Hybrid View icon
(Optionally) highlight different order numbers in the left hand browse
(Optionally) click Browse View , Hybrid View icons to switch back and forth between views
(Optionally) click Screen View icon, Click Modify icon
Key Points
Multiple screen views
o browse, side-by-side, full screen
o choose what works best for you
o move easily from one to another
Fast, one-click access to edit