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How QAD adapts to your needs
Custom Browses
You can easily modify standard browses, but what if you want to create your own version of a browse, perhaps with additional fields.
You can start from scratch or use an existing browse as a start. Take a copy of the Customer Browse and redesign it.
Perhaps you would like to set up a browse that will show you all of your Wholesale customers, their credit limit and credit terms. To do this, you will need to add fields to this browse, remove unneeded items, and filter to select just Wholesalers.
Once you are done, you can run the browse from here - optionally exporting to an Excel file, generating a PDF, or printing a report. In addition, if you would like to run this regularly, you can add it to the menu and share it with others. It is just that easy!
In Applications, right-click 2.1.2 Customer Browse, select Design
Click Save As
Enter xx101
Click Save
Drag and drop Credit Limit (cm_cr_limit) from the top left box to the Query. Position right of ad_sort
Below cm_cr_limit, click Properties
Enter Label Term Credit, Format >>>,>>9
Click Save
In Query, highlight box above any unneeded field (ie. local-var00, cm_site, cm_lang, cm_rmks, ad_timezone, etc), right-click, select Delete
In Query, enter Filter cm_type = “WHSL”
Click Save
Click Run
(Optionally) Click Actions
Close Window
Key Points
Standard Browse
o Change filters, grouping, hide or rearrange fields
o Edit icon takes you directly to the associated maintenance function
Browse maintenance / design
o Add fields and files
o Specify complex filter criteria
More control over fields – size, labels, format
Calculated fields
Add custom browse to menu (or favorites)
Share your browses with others