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How QAD supports fact-based decisions
While Browses get you the information you need, when you need it, and formatted as you need it; Metrics help you track the quality of the underlying data.
Here is an Operational Metrics dashboard, with metrics set up for a variety of areas. For example, this shows the integrity of your inventory data. Red indicates there is a potential problem.
Metrics can show missing information, for example, manufactured items with a zero run time – in total or broken down by buyer/planner code. If you want to look at the details, just click to get a list and optionally fix the data right from there!
Select 40.3 Operational Metrics View
In Setup, click Item Planning Data Integrity
In Manufactured Items, click Expand icon
Right-click Zero Run Time
Close window
Right-click Zero Run Time Select Break By > P/M Code
Select Break By
Select Buyer/Planner
Double-click Buyer/Planner 1-03
Right-click Item Number 01011
(Optionally) Select Item Planning Maintenance
Close windows
Key Points
Metrics primarily show data integrity - Missing data, Invalid combinations
Business Intelligence is more suited for monitoring Key Performance Indicators

Create New Metrics
You can easily add new metrics, either by adding a new metric collection or adding to an existing one. For example, what if you wanted to monitor master scheduled items – making sure that manufactured items with a very short lead-time are not master scheduled.
You can add this metric, right here. As you can see, metrics are not limited to looking for blank fields. They can look for combinations of values like this.
This is not only useful for monitoring data quality, you can also use this to identify items that are impacted by a change – for example, if a buyer/planner leaves and you need to quickly identify all the items that need to be reassigned.
Right-click Item Master Metrics
Select Create Metric
Enter Title Sample Metric
Search P/M Code equals M
Click +
Search Mfg LT less than 3
Click +
Search Master Schedule equals Yes
Slide indicator arrow so Green is to 10
Slide indicator arrow so yellow is to 20; remainder red
Click Ok
Double-Click Sample Metric
Close window
Close without saving
Key Points
Metrics can be set up using any browse (including custom browses)
Metric can look at any field in browse, measure:
o Equals, not equal
o Contains
o Range
o Starts at
o Greater than, Less Than
o Is Null, is not Null
Slide scale lets you select what tolerance is acceptable
Point out missing data
Identify data to be changed (ie. when a salesperson leaves or if coding changes)
Note: you can also use Create Metric Collection to create an entirely new metric