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How QAD focuses attention
Role-based dashboards
The Master Scheduler might be particularly interested in planning data integrity, and may want to review it on a daily basis along with other critical performance measurements.
This is easy. Just add the data integrity metric to the Master Scheduler’s role-based dashboard.
You can set up role-based dashboards for any user or role in your company. These can include any QAD browse, operations metric, graph or chart from QAD BI, or links to external websites.
1. Select Dashboards > Published Dashboards > Master Scheduler
2. Click Edit Dashboard
3. Click Add Content
4. Click Metrics icon
5. Double-click Item Planning Data Integrity
6. Check Metric Gauge
7. Click Add to Dashboard
8. Click Save Dashboard
9. Double-click anywhere in Item Master Metrics
10. (Optionally) In Items with Blank Pur/Mfg Code, click graph icon to collapse
Note this brings up all the Item Planning Data Integrity metrics
Key Points
Role-based dashboards