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How QAD increases responsiveness
Create Custom Alerts
Custom metrics help you keep track of data accuracy and other key performance indicators, but what about situations that require you to be more proactive? For example, it might not be enough to simply show the number of items with negative quantity on hand or rejected quantities on a graph. Situations like these may merit immediate attention.
You can do this with QAD alerts, automatically sending a message to a user or group of users when a certain condition occurs.
Easily add your own alerts or customize existing ones - changing the alert conditions, alert message, and alert subscribers. Subscribers may be actual people or roles that include one or more individuals.
In Favorites, expand Alerts
Double-click Alert Maintenance
In Event, click drop-down
Select Event QOHLessThanZero
Click Edit icon
Click Alert Data tab
Click Priority drop-down
Click Alert Message tab
Click Restrict Users / Roles tab
Key Points
Automatic alerts ; prioritized
User-defined events
o Customizable message
o Include field values
o Add color, change fonts
Optionally include {qadsh} link to go directly to program Send to specific users and/or roles

Configure Screens
Metrics can point out missing information and help you to correct it, but configurable screens can help to ensure that you enter the correct data in the first place.
Use customer data this time. For example, you may want to ensure that you enter a salesperson code on every new customer and set the default Ship Via to FEDX. That is easy – just configure the entry screen.
This lets you move fields around, remove unused fields, change the tab order, define mandatory fields and set default values. These changes can affect all users or just some – meaning you can set up screens differently for each department or use!
Can you see how these changes immediately took effect?
Right-click 2.1.1 Customer Data Maintenance
Select Design
Enter Template demo
Check All Users
Click Configure
Enter Customer 10C1000
Click Next
Drag & Drop configuration window to top right of screen
In Configure box, highlight Salespsn1
Check Required
Click Apply (note the change in color on the screen label)
Highlight Ship Via, enter Default Value FEDX
Check Disabled
Click Apply
Highlight Resale, click << icon
On Customer Data Maintenance screen, drag & Drop Remarks up one line
Click Tab Order
Highlight Remarks, Click Down
Click OK
Click Save
Click Close
Select 2.1.1 Customer Data Maintenance
Enter Customer 10C1000
Press tab to show tab order
Enter Salespsn1 blank, click Next
Key Points
Configure screens for all users, specific roles or business units
Add, move, delete fields
Change tab order
Specify required fields
Set default values or display only

Generalized Codes
Another productivity tool that also helps you to ensure quality data are generalized codes. See how there is a drop-down list of values associated with Region? You define these values, using something we call Generalized Codes.
You can use Generalized Codes to set up a list of possible values for any field, even a new field that you add to an entry screen. For example, you may have a Sales Administrator assigned to each customer.
Use any one of the many pre-defined user fields and add this field to the screen. Enter a label and specify that you would like to use Generalized Codes to attach a list of possible values for this field.
The new field is now on the screen. When you click the drop-down box, because you have security access, you can choose edit and establish the valid entries for this field.
The result – more accurate data entry using simpler screens, tailored to your business.
It is just one more example how QAD Enterprise Applications can adapt to your business processes and accommodate how your people do their day-to-day work.
At Region, click drop-down
Close window
Close Customer Data Maintenance
Click Yes
Right-click 2.1.1 Customer Data Maintenance, select Design
Click Configure
Enter Customer 10C1000
Click Next
In Configure window, click icon to expand User Fields cm_mstr
Highlight cm_chr01, click Edit
Enter Label Admin
Check Generalized Code Validation
Click OK
Highlight Admin (cm_chr01), click >> icon
On Customer Data Maintenance screen, drag & Drop Multiple to place beside Ship Via
Drag & Drop Admin to be beside Salespsn1
Click Tab Order
Highlight Admin, click Up 4 times
Highlight Region, click Up
Click OK
Click Save
Click Close
Select 2.1.1 Customer Data Maintenance
Enter 10C1000
Click Admin drop-down
Click <Edit>
Click Add icon
Enter Field Value Joanne Long
Enter Field Value Bill Jones
Click Save icon
Close window
Click Admin drop-down
Key Points
Generalized codes help maintain data integrity
User Fields allow customers to quickly and easily add new information
Add to maintenance function, optionally with Generalized Code drop down list
Can also add to browses, reports
No programming required
Edit capability only for those with security access