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How QAD reduces customization cost
Reporting Tools
Along with very flexible browse capabilities, QAD Enterprise Application has Forms and Reporting built right into the product, with standard templates that you can easily customize to your needs.
Look at the Sales Order report, just one of the many standard reports designed this way.
First, you will notice that these reports have the same type of filtering capability as a browse, allowing you to select subsets of information.
Run this and see the report. Close the menu so that you see this full screen. You can easily move back and forth in this report, zoom in or out to look at specific data, optionally change the filter criteria, and once everything is to your liking you can print.
You can also set up reports to run on a schedule… for example, you might like to print your new sales orders in a batch each day.
Select Sales Order Print
Enter Sales Order equals PSO-TEST, Update equals No
Click Run
(Optionally) Click icon to close the menu window on left
(Optionally) click Two Pages icon
Click Last Page icon
Click Page Width icon
Click Filter tab
Enter Sales Order equals blank, Order Date equals Today
Click Schedule
Select New
Enter Description Daily Orders, Batch ID Daily, Email
Click Cancel
Close window
If you closed the Applications menu, Click icon on left to re-open
Key Points
Forms and Reporting built right into product
Standard report templates provided
Filtering – same as on Browses

Customize Reports
More important to speed of deployment is the capability to easily change forms, without the need to change program code or purchase an add-on product. The integrated report designer allows you do this, easily creating or modifying reports and forms.
Take the Sales Order Report as an example. You might like the basic layout, but of course, you would want to use your logo, colors and font. In addition, you probably do not use some of the fields. Here is how easy it is to make those changes.
First, replace the QAD logo. Then add some text and remove unused fields. Note that you can do this on the header and reformat the line items on the form. This is all done quickly and easily in an intuitive WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) environment.
Select Report Resource Designer
Click Open
Search Report Code starts at QAD_Print
Double-click QAD_PrintSO
Right-click QAD logo
Select Delete
Click Controls tab
If asked, click Full Access
Click Unbound Picture
Double-click qmi_logo.jpg
Use cursor to position logo in top left of report
In Appearance, enter PictureAlign CenterMiddle (or choose from drop-down)
Enter Picture Scale Scale
Right-click Our Vat Registration, press Delete
Right-click Your Vat Registration, press Delete
In Controls tab, click Label
Draw a text box below the logo (or copy/paste an existing text box)
On left, Enter Text Thank you for your business
Expand Font
Enter Bold True, Italics True, Font Cambria, Size 16, ForeColor Gold
Click Reports tab
Double-click LineDetail
Click box next to headings
In Appearance > Back Color, click drop-down
Click Web
Enter BackColor Gold
Click Preview
Enter Sales Order equals PSO-TEST, Update equals No
Click Run
Key Points
Standard reports and forms
Easy to customize
o Look and feel
o Columns
o Layout
o WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)

Customize Report Templates
As you saw earlier, any browse can be used to produce a report. These reports have very a structured output that you can easily change to reflect your company’s look and feel – integrating your logo, preferred fonts and colors.
Here you just change the logo, but as you see, you have control over the entire look and feel of the browse reports. As soon as you make the change, the system reflects it throughout.
It is simple to use and simple to adapt to your business needs.
Select Template Designer
Click Open
Double-click QAD_Default_Template_Browse
Note: it is always a good idea to save a backup copy before you make changes
Right-click QAD logo, select Delete
Double-click Unbound Picture
Double-click qmi_logo.jpg Use cursor to position logo in top left of report
In Appearance, enter PictureAlign CenterMiddle, Picture Scale Scale
Click Save
Select 7.1.2 Sales Order Browse
Click Actions
Select Actions > Report > Report
Key Points
Similar to Template Designer for Forms; Change logos, fonts, color schemes
Changes reflected immediately throughout the system
Quickly adapt to your business, without programming effort
Speeds up implementation; lets you be more responsive to change