QAD QXtend Release Notes
QAD QXtend Release Notes
March 2014
These release notes include information about the latest fixes and changes to QAD QXtend, comprised of QAD QXtend Inbound (QXI) and QAD QXtend Outbound (QXO). These changes may affect the way you implement and use these products.
Important: Review this document and the QAD QXtend errata before proceeding with any phase of a QAD QXtend implementation.
These release notes are cumulative, with the most recent changes described first. Review the notes for all releases after your currently installed release. Installation and configuration changes may have occurred in those intermediate releases, and unless otherwise noted, apply to the release where they were announced, as well as subsequent releases.
QAD highly recommends that you implement the latest QAD QXtend release available. Check the QAD Web site to make sure that you have the latest QAD QXtend release notes, installation guide, and installation media:
Use the following list to find release notes for a specific product:
Release Notes for QXI
Release Notes for QXO