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Release Notes for Version 1.6.3
QXI Server Version: 1.6.3
Date: March 2010
QAD Enterprise Applications Compatibility: eB SP4 through current release
Supported Progress Releases: Progress 9.1E, OpenEdge 10.0B, 10.1A, 10.1B, 10.1C, 10.2A
QAD QXtend Documentation: Technical Reference: QAD QXtend (78-0691E) and Installation Guide: QAD QXtend (78-0692E)
New Features
1 Installer enhancements. Several significant enhancements have been made to the installer:
The installer allows the loading of an initial default configuration at install time. This provides an easy out-of-the-box solution to common interoperability scenarios.
The installer allows the user to perform an in-place upgrade without the need for a first successful installation.
The installer allows the user to pause, stop, restart and steps within the installation. This feature provides better control on installation.
2 Menu security check. Before processing a Qdoc, QXtend Inbound checks whether the user has access to the corresponding menu. If not, QXtend Inbound returns an error “User does not have the access to the menu.” The menu security check applies to all API types for all supported versions beginning with eB2.
3 QAD QXtend Excelerator. QAD QXtend Excelerator is an optional data integration tool within the QAD QXtend interoperability framework that provides additional data visibility and manageability to the data integration process between QAD products. The Excelerator is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Excel 2007 as a document-level customization. The tool provides functions for easily designing spreadsheets for retrieving data from the source QAD application, viewing and modifying data in the worksheets, and synchronizing data with the target QAD application, all in a familiar and intuitive user interface.
QAD QXtend Excelerator is on a separate CD and has its own Release Notes and User Guide. It is used with QXtend Inbound and Outbound, which must be properly implemented before you can use this tool.
A free trial version of QAD QXtend Excelerator ships with QAD QXtend for initial data load and go-live implementation. However, further use of this tool for data integration and communication on a day-to-day basis requires a separate license.
Fix Description
Internal ID
Issue Affected Versions
The SIAPI Connection Pool idle time-out does not fire when the agent is in a busy state. In previous versions, in this situation, idle time-out still fired, which prematurely shut down the agent.
QXtend adapter does not hang up in certain situations when it cannot successfully log in.
When Audit Trail is turned on, Product Structure Maintenance works correctly without displaying the error “no ps_mstr record available.”
Previously, when there were parent-child selection lists, the child list always returned an error when accessed for the second time. Now this has been fixed.
When a Qdoc is submitted with a date field with the attribute xsi:nil = “true,” QXI designates “?” as the value of the field, which can blank the field out. Previously, QXI was not able to blank out the field when it retained the previous value.
Known Issues
1 When scopetransaction is set to false and a QDoc contains multiple requests for native APIs, if an error occurs in one request, subsequent requests are not processed.
2 Error messages like “URL: is not a valid URL” can be found in the qxosi_AS appserver log, but they do not affect anything and can be safely ignored.