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Release Notes for Version 1.5.1
QXI Server Version: 1.5.1
Date: September 2008
QAD Enterprise Applications Compatibility: eB SP4 through current release
QAD QXtend Documentation: Technical Reference: QAD QXtend (78-0691B) and Installation Guide: QAD QXtend (78-0692B)
Application Changes
1 The code API has been obsoleted and replaced with the service interface API.
1 The system now verifies that the operation tag in the QDoc request is A, M, R, or S.
2 The system now populates the response iteration correctly with the XML data from the post-processor program.
Known Issues
1 If you are using a Tomcat installation that has the JDK 1.4 Compatibility package installed, QXI may return incorrect SOAP fault error messages due to the XML being processed by the wrong parser. For example, the error message may state that a QDoc response cannot be created, when the fault is actually an invalid receiver name or incorrectly formatted QDoc request. To prevent this, uninstall the JDK 1.4 Compatibility package from your Tomcat installation.