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Release Notes for Version 1.1.2
QXI Server Version: 1.1.2
MFG/PRO Compatibility: eB through eB2.1
QAD QXtend Documentation: Technical Reference: QXtend Inbound (78-0602C)
New Features
Minimum Connection Pool Sessions Maintained
The Connection Manager has been enhanced to reduce and maintain the number of idle sessions at a minimum level. At regular intervals, each connection is checked as specified by the Connections Monitor Frequency field. If a connection is idle for longer than the Connection Timeout value, and there are more connections open than the number of Minimum Connections specified, the connection is closed.
Ensure Session Log-Out to Reduce User-Count Records
The Connection Manager has been enhanced to remove orphaned user-count records. Orphaned user-count records may be caused by QAD QXtend being unable to log out in the cases where the MFG/PRO database is shut down, or due to a processing error in submitting a QDoc. QAD QXtend now monitors all sessions to ensure the log-out sequence occurs. Any orphaned user-count records are now removed when restarting the QXI server.
Processing Allowed for QDocs with Carriage Returns
The QXI Server can now process poorly formatted QDocs, which contain carriage returns, through the Web service.
View QDoc IDs in the Connection Manager
The Process ID and Device ID of the last QDoc processed can now be viewed in the Connection Manager UI. This is populated on initialization of the QDoc. This functionality requires a Progress version 9 database or higher.
Third-Party API Support Added
Support has been added for third-party APIs such as Vertex.
Load Event File Validation Added
The Load Event File UI now validates the entered values.
1 The time taken to process a QDoc is now recorded to avoid connection resets when a QDoc takes longer to process than the specified Connection Timeout. Previously, the processing time was not recorded and the session was assumed to have exceeded its inactive idle period. The QDoc response returned with the exception QDocExceptionex020.
2 Corrected general stability issues in the Connection Manager.
3 QDoc Response schemas are now deleted from memory when a QDoc schema is deleted. Previously, this was not done.
4 Removed the User IP Address from the Connection Manager UI because it had no functionality.
5 Only six different Connection Pools could be viewed under the Delete Connection Pool menu in the Connection Manager UI. This defect is fixed in this release.
6 Fixed a misnaming of the receiveDistributedOrder QDoc in the descriptors file.