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Release Notes for Version 1.1.1
QXI Server Version: 1.1.1
Date: June 14, 2004
MFG/PRO Compatibility: eB through eB2.1
QAD QXtend Documentation: Technical Reference: QXtend Inbound (78-0602C)
1 Fixed incorrect reporting of defect when a QDoc failed to process. If QAD QXtend fails to launch the correct MFG/PRO program, a process exception (EX007) occurs. This exception now contains the correct Progress or MFG/PRO error detail.
2 When a field validation in MFG/PRO caused the session to end, QAD QXtend was unable to recover and a process exception (EX003) was returned in the response QDoc. The MFG/PRO error is now returned in the exception detail, even when the program terminates abnormally.
3 A session can no longer begin processing when a program has failed to initialize. If initialization fails, the session is now reset immediately. Previous releases required a time-out to pass before resetting the session.
4 QAD QXtend was not reporting Progress errors and warnings that occurred during initialization of a program. These are now returned in the response QDoc.
5 If the specified events file for a schema did not match the name of the MFG/PRO program and suppressResponseDetails was set to false, an error occurred in the QDoc. This is fixed in this release.
6 If fields within a request QDoc are unused during processing, a warning is now returned in the response QDoc listing those fields. Previously, the warning was not added to the response QDoc.
7 An error no longer occurs when the Queue Manager adds a SOAP envelope to a request QDoc that includes long lines of text.
8 Updates have been made to ensure QDoc preprocessing and response QDocs are supported for MFG/PRO version eB running on Progress version 9.1C and above.
9 Detailed information on exception error messages has been added to Technical Reference: QXtend Inbound.