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Release Notes for Version 1.8.4
QXO Server Version: 1.8.4
Date: September 2013
QAD Enterprise Applications Compatibility: eB SP4 through current release
Supported Progress Releases: OpenEdge 10.2B, 11.1, 11.2
Supported Java Version: Java 1.6 or higher
QAD QXtend Documentation: User Guide: QAD QXtend (70-3190-1.8.4) and Installation Guide: QAD QXtend (78-0952-1.8.4)
New and Changed Features
1 Configuration Data Transfer
More configuration components are supported in this release. They are:
QXO BO registrations with message publishers
QXO subscriber profiles
QXO source application event type
Configuration data can be imported into a target system with different configuration names (for example, source application name, message publisher name, or subscriber name) by using a mapping file.
Wildcard matching is enhanced to support multiple patterns.
The template of the descriptor file can be generated for export.
A report in text format is generated after a successful export/import. The report shows the detailed process results and warning messages.
When running configuration bundle scripts, the system first checks whether the JAVA_HOME is set correctly.
2 Message archiving is enhanced to free more qxodb database space.
Fix Description
Internal ID
Issue Affected Versions
Previously, special characters were allowed in the BO names and the profile names, but they may cause issues in data publish, export/import, or query deployment. Now, only alphanumeric characters, dash, and underscore are allowed in BO names and profile names. The BOs and profiles having other special characters in the names cannot be saved.
The subscriber message resend issue has been fixed and a message in PEND status cannot be resent.
The BO creation issue in QXtend 1.8.3 has been fixed.
“Logical Name” is corrected to “ID Name” on the Databases page of Source Application Configuration.
Resending subscriber message now works as expected when there are multiple subscriber profiles. The system resends the subscriber message to only the subscribers it belongs to.
The issue that domain could not be added to source application configuration in QXtend 1.8.3 has been fixed.
In Outbound validate configuration, the logic to check whether QXO is enabled in the source application now runs correctly for early MFG/PRO versions that do not have domains.
Event Service now allows an event to be processed up to ten minutes without showing a DEAD status.
The subscriber message for the “Delete” operation can now be sent out when the subscriber profile listens to the operation. Previously, it was not sent out when the subscriber profile listened to “Delete” and did not listen to “Modify.”
The Archive service can now process all the raw messages and the subscriber messages that meet the criteria.
Known Issue
QXtend 1.8.4 has not passed the certification test against Oracle database with OE 11.1 and 11.2 because of issues with OpenEdge. Contact QAD Support for details.