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Release Notes for Version 1.7.2
QXO Server Version: 1.7.2
Date: September 2011
QAD Enterprise Applications Compatibility: eB SP4 through current release
Important: Due to time zone enhancements in QAD 2010.1 EE, earlier versions of QXtend may experience incorrect behavior in the Outbound Event Service. To avoid this problem, always use QXtend 1.7+ with QAD 2010.1 EE or later releases of QAD Enterprise Applications.
Supported Progress Releases: OpenEdge 10.2B
QAD QXtend Documentation: User Guide: QAD QXtend (70-3190A) and Installation Guide: QAD QXtend (78-0952A)
New Features
1 Source Application Deletion Confirmation
When you delete a source application from QXO, the system now displays a message indicating that if there is data associated with the source application, all affected message context will be lost, and prompts you to confirm the deletion.
2 Enforced Profile Naming Conventions
Profile QDoc names cannot contain spaces. If a business object name contains spaces, the system automatically removes it in the corresponding default profile name. If you try to save a profile with spaces in its QDoc name, an error message is displayed.
3 Message Publishing Order
When publishing multiple profile messages from the same business object instance, the Message Publisher now processes the messages in alphabetical order so that the sequence can be easily managed by the user.
4 Database Management Using the OpenEdge DBMAN Utility
From QAD 2011.1 EE onward, QAD Enterprise Applications databases can be managed by the OpenEdge DBMAN utility. To implement this feature, databases need to be configured in QXtend Installer now lets you configure the installation to automatically update so that qxodb and qxevents databases can be managed using DBMAN as well.
The QXtend installer now provides two check boxes that allow you to specify whether to use DBMAN in a typical (stand-alone) QXtend installation and whether the $DLC/properties/ properties file is updated automatically or manually.
5 Installer Reminder
The QXtend installer can now remind you of any steps that you must perform after a successful QXtend installation, upgrade, or migration. In QXtend 1.7.2, the installer reminds you to manually validate all BOs in the QXO WebApp following a successful upgrade or migration from a QXtend version before 1.7.1 to QXtend version 1.7.1. or later.
Fix Description
Internal ID
Issue Affected Versions
Previously, if there was a token in the subscriber message, and multiple subscriber messages were created from one raw message, resending one subscriber message always sent all of them. This has been fixed and now QXO only resends the subscriber messages specified by the user.
Previously, publishing too many records through DDP might fail with error “Attempt to define too many indexes for area 6 database” in the AppServer log file. This issue has been fixed.
Message Sender now processes messages based on message time stamp first, then subscriber. Previously, messages were processed based on subscriber first.
In previous versions, when QXO could not successfully connect to a source application, the system always displayed the wrong message “Please wait while loading data ...” on the Event Types window of the source application. The system now displays that the source application is suspended.
The log message “Source application is not active” in previous versions is inaccurate and has now been changed to “Source application is suspended” in a number of places.
The license ID for QAD CRM has been changed from Salesforce and Marketing Automation to QAD CRM.
Previously, installing the Message Monitor would cause duplicate menu items for QXtend Inbound, Connection Manager, and so on, in the .NET UI of QAD Enterprise Applications. This issue has now been fixed.
The Validate Configuration utility no longer incorrectly warns of any DDP event type not registered with event services.
Known Issues
1 If QXtend Outbound connects to two source applications that have different physical names, there will be problems performing force publish and it will only work for one source application.
2 Three Financial schema files—bcdocument-ERP3_1.xsd, bcinvoicejournalentry-ERP3_1.xsd and bddocument-ERP3_1.xsd—are not compatible with QAD 2011.1 EE. To solve this problem, replace these files with the ones from QAD 2011.1 EE.