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Release Notes for Version 1.7.1
QXO Server Version: 1.7.1
Date: March 2011
QAD Enterprise Applications Compatibility: eB SP4 through current release
Important: Due to time zone enhancements in QAD 2010.1 EE, earlier versions of QXtend may experience incorrect behavior in the Outbound Event Service. To avoid this problem, always use QXtend 1.7+ with QAD 2010.1 EE or later releases of QAD Enterprise Applications.
Supported Progress Releases: OpenEdge 10.2B
QAD QXtend Documentation: User Guide: QAD QXtend (70-3093A) and Installation Guide: QAD QXtend (78-0934A)
New Features
1 You can now use the new Validate All button under the Business Objects tab in QXtend Outbound to validate all business objects under one source application type.
2 Data objects now have a new Data Type attribute that lets you designate data types for custom fields and view data types of database fields.
When you define a custom field for a business object or a profile, you can now specify one of the following data types: character (default), date, datetime, datetime-tz, decimal, int64, integer, and logical. The system also validates a fixed value against data type when saving a field value and converts the custom field value to the corresponding data type during data publishing.
3 When viewing or editing data objects, you can now double-click in the Fixed Value field and view or enter data in a pop-up window.
4 The screen width of QXtend Outbound has been changed from 800 to 1280 pixels to allow for more space to view data.
5 This release of QXtend Outbound gives you more flexible control over event listening at a more detailed level by allowing you to specify which data objects to listen to event types when you activate source application event types. Also, in the new Data Object Listening dialog box, the system displays tooltips to warn you of any business object that is not registered to any message publisher. Data object listening configurations, when saved, are propagated to profiles and subscribers.
6 The Event Types configuration page now has a new Filter panel that lets you enter table, event, or object names and specify the Active status as search criteria to search for specific event types.
7 You can now filter browse contents by the business object key in Message Monitor.
8 A number of enhancements have been made to improve system performance:
QXO messages are now saved in the database in JSON format.
Record lock contentions are reduced when multiple Message Sender agents are running against one or multiple subscribers.
Unnecessary events or messages generated for Force Publish are reduced.
When a Financials business object is not registered with Message Publisher, corresponding business events are ignored immediately instead of being cached.
Message Publisher now deletes a raw message if no profile messages are created from this raw message.
Fix Description
Internal ID
Issue Affected Versions
The following message no longer exists in qxosi AppServer when loading profiles:
(Procedure: 'startElement xml-bo-load.p' Line:1121) ** Input value: should be yes/no. (87)
The performance of archive service has been improved. Previously it could be slow when there was lots of data.
The source application can now suspend on calculation error if the error occurs in a fixed value. Previously, the source application could only suspend on calculation error when in the calculation program.
Previously, if a DDP event was active but there was no event service set to register all events, event service could not be started. Now, in such situations, event service can still be started because DDP events do not need the event service to process.
Fixed: If a profile is assigned to two subscribers, each with a different XML syntax, and the profiles have no tokens, then one of the messages fails.
The rowid sync tool can now correctly sync the data.
Previously, one raw message only linked to one event. When a BO had both database trigger and business event activated and registered to different Event Services, once a record was modified, both events were created, but the second one would be ignored and a profile listening to that event would not be published. This issue has been addressed now.
Fixed: When QXtend Outbound is running against OE10.2B02, if there are double-byte characters in messages for data sync, Message Sender may enter an infinite loop.
Fixed: When the response to QXO is not chunked, Message Sender times out and causes a significant delay.
Fixed: Under a European locale in a QAD EE environment, events get discarded by the Event Service.
Known Issues
1 Starting the QXtend Installer UI in X-Windows while using X-Windows clients (such as xterm) can make installer UI menu items difficult to select. This is a known environment-related issue with the Java X-Windows component. To work around it, use the Up and Down keys to make a selection.
2 In Message Monitor, navigating through pages using the Previous Page and Next Page buttons may in certain situations display incorrect record numbers.