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Release Notes for Version 1.6.2
QXO Server Version: 1.6.2
Date: September 2009
QAD Enterprise Applications Compatibility: eB SP4 through current release
Supported Progress Releases: OpenEdge 10.1C, 10.2A
Note: If QAD QXtend is installed on an HP-UX IA64 machine with Progress OE10.2A01 or OE10.2A02, a Progress hotfix needs to be applied to avoid issues with QXO services. Please check the Platform Guide and make sure that the hotfix is applied.
QAD QXtend Documentation: Technical Reference: QAD QXtend (78-0691D) and Installation Guide: QAD QXtend (78-0692D)
New Features
1 Installer enhancements. Several significant enhancements have been made to the installer:
The QAD Deployment Configuration Service (QDCS) must now be used for all installations and upgrades—QAD QXtend can no longer be installed manually.
The installer now has two installation options: Typical and Advanced. Typical installation allows the product to be installed quickly using default parameter information from the QAD QXtend configuration that is provided with the product. Advanced installation allows a custom configuration to be defined; any default parameter information can be modified using the advanced installation option.
It is now possible to specify whether to use client/server mode when connecting to the QXO database and/or the qxevents database.
2 Free use of QXO. QXO now can send messages to an external Web service or external directory without requiring a license when used with another QAD application (or partner application). In previous versions a license was required. To enable this, you define a subscriber with the type External Application or QXtend Web Service.
3 Query service domain filtering. The QXO query service has been modified to only allow querying from one domain at a time. If a business object is domain-enabled, the domain must be passed in the request; otherwise, an error is returned. The domain code is a session context parameter and does not have to be included in the query filter.
Removed Features
1 Distinguish updates. To avoid potential infinite transaction blocking issues, the distinguish updates feature has been removed from QXO.
Known Issues
1 To avoid potential issues, QXO triggers for the sct_det and spt_det tables are not deployed for QAD 2009 EE.