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Release Notes for Version 1.6.1
QXO Server Version: 1.6.1
Date: June 2009
QAD Enterprise Applications Compatibility: eB SP4 through current release
QAD QXtend Documentation: Technical Reference: QAD QXtend (78-0691C) and Installation Guide: QAD QXtend (78-0692B)
Important: If you are using QAD 2009 EE or SE, use Qxtend version 1.6.1.
1 When installing QAD QXtend using the console mode and a local repository, and the file specified is not found, the system now displays a correct warning. Previously, in this situation a message displayed stating that there was nothing to install on the host.
2 The filter on business objects now works correctly for all extractions. Previously, the filter worked correctly the first time a business object was extracted, but failed on subsequent extractions.
Known Issues
1 To avoid potential issues, QXO triggers for the sct_det and spt_det tables are not deployed for QAD 2009 EE.
2 When performing a migration for the QXO Database and/or the QXEvents Database, and the connection type for connecting to the source databases is set to "Network", the following message displays once the install button is clicked:
Modules to install:
Please find the solution to this issue by searching he QAD Knowledgebase using solution ID qad69433.