Introduction to SUTI
Introduction to SUTI
This section introduces the Sales and Use Tax Interface for Vertex’s Quantum, and specifies the QAD product versions to which each Quantum version applies.
Summarizes the relationships between QAD releases, Quantum releases, and platforms.
The Sales and Use Tax Interface (SUTI), in conjunction with Global Tax Management (GTM), enables users to take advantage of enhanced tax functionality and improved tax reporting accuracy by using third-party software packages to calculate taxes in the QAD ERP application.
Currently, companies can use SUTI only with Vertex’s Quantum for Sales and Use Tax. However, this interface has been designed in an open manner so that it can be used with other tax packages in the future.
Note: Currently, Quantum for Sales and Use Tax supports tax calculation and compliance requirements for the United States and Canada only.
This guide covers the use of SUTI for the releases and platforms in Vertex 4.1 Release and Platform Compatibility. See Installation Guide: QAD Sales and Use Tax Interface for installation instructions.

Vertex 4.1 Release and Platform Compatibility
QAD Release
Quantum Release
UNIX Platforms
Windows Platforms
QAD 2014 EE OpenEdge 11
QAD 2013.1 EE OpenEdge 10 and OpenEdge 11
Red Hat 5 64 bit (2.6.18)
Red Hat 6 64 bit (2.6.32)
HP Unix 11 i v3 64 bit
Solaris 11 64 bit
SuSE Linux Ent Srv 11 64 bit
Windows 2012 64 bit
Windows 2008 64 bit