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Shared Sets
In QAD SE, users must set up static data in each domain in the database separately. For example, each domain has its own customer data.
Shared sets were introduced in QAD EE, and define data that is common to a group of domains. When a domain is created, you assign shared set codes to a number of data categories (such as customers and suppliers). When implementing Vertex, the customer shared set and the supplier shared set are of great importance.
In QAD EE, certain customer data, such as address, contact, and tax data, is held at shared set level, while other customer data is stored at domain level.
When you create a customer, the customer data is first stored at shared set level. Then, the system creates domain-specific data in each domain that uses the shared set in which the customer data was originally defined. This process is also used for supplier data.
Vertex determines tax data based on the customer’s or supplier’s address (maintained at shared set level). In QAD EE, the Quantum GeoCode of the address is stored as a tax zone, and this is again maintained at shared set level. Therefore, you must implement Vertex in each domain that uses a customer or supplier shared set.
Correct Vertex Implementation shows how to correctly implement shared set usage with Vertex.

Correct Vertex Implementation
The customer and supplier shared sets are divided into two groups—one for North American operations and one for European operations.
Note: It is only necessary to keep customer and supplier shared sets unique to the domains that use Vertex. Other shared sets, such as for GL accounts, sub-accounts, cost centers, and projects shared, can be used across multiple domains.
Incorrect Vertex Implementation shows an example of incorrect shared set usage within a Vertex implementation.

Incorrect Vertex Implementation
Even though the North America domains have a unique shared set for customer data, the North American domains use the same supplier shared set as the European domains. This sharing will cause problems with the Vertex implementation.