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Entity Codes
In previous QAD ERP application versions, entity codes were restricted to four characters. In QAD EE, entity codes can be 20 characters long. However, when implementing Vertex on a QAD EE system, you must limit entity codes to five characters. This restriction is due to a limitation in the Vertex software.
When you print and post an invoice in QAD EE, the system writes the invoice data to one of the Vertex databases. Vertex uses a company code to identify the invoice origin.
Note: You must run Tax Interface Inv Post to Reg to update the Vertex Register database with posted invoice data from Invoice Post and Print and the Shipper Confirm functions.
The Vertex company code is the same as the entity code in QAD EE. However, the Vertex company code can only be five characters long. Therefore, when defining entities for use in domains with Vertex, limit the length of the entity codes to five characters.