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Work Flow
SUTI Work Flow illustrates a typical work flow for setting up and maintaining SUTI. All steps indicated by the QAD logo are performed by the system; those not indicated by this icon are performed by users.
The first two steps are setup steps and are performed one time only.
SUTI is automatically started by the system when you log in to the QAD ERP application and is automatically shut down when you log out of the QAD ERP application; however, you can start and shut down the API manually, if required. See Running SUTI.

SUTI Work Flow
Generating tax zone records based on Quantum GeoCodes and subsequently updating QAD ERP address records with those GeoCodes are also setup steps. However, you should repeat these steps on a regular basis, whenever the GeoCode information in the Quantum database changes. You can perform both of these functions in the same step, if desired. See Updating QAD Records with Quantum GeoCodes.
When you have done the appropriate setup and SUTI is running, the system automatically calculates taxes using Quantum functions.