SUTI Error Messages
SUTI Error Messages
The following chapter describes error messages that are specific to the Sales and Use Tax Interface and includes recommended steps for resolving each type of error discussed.
Introduces SUTI error messages.
INI File Errors
Describes how to prevent INI file errors.
Function Failure Errors
Discusses SUTI API function failure messages.
Database and API-Related Errors
Lists miscellaneous API and database-related error messages.
Errors in the Tax Zone Update Utility
Summarizes error messages specific to the Tax Zone Update Utility.
Tax Calculation Errors
Discusses errors that can occur during tax calculations for sales transactions.
Error Message Cross-Reference
Lists QAD error messages that are specific to SUTI, sorted by Quantum status code.
The following sections describe how to assess and resolve QAD ERP application error messages that relate to SUTI.
Note: Most SUTI-specific error messages are uniquely identified by a three-digit Quantum error status code. For a complete list of SUTI-related error messages indexed by Quantum error status, see Error Message Cross-Reference.