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Database Open Function Failures
Quantum Database Open Function Errors summarizes Quantum error statuses used to indicate that a function failure occurred while opening a Quantum database. The most common reasons for these errors are:
The interface has stopped running and must be manually restarted using the Tax Interface Startup Utility (29.12.1).
One of the required Quantum databases is not installed.
The system cannot locate a Quantum database because its corresponding INI file entry references the wrong directory location.
See INI File Errors.
Database open failure messages are referenced in Quantum Database Open Function Errors by their corresponding Quantum statuses. Each entry also indicates the specific Quantum database associated with the error status and the INI file parameter used to specify that database’s location.

Quantum Database Open Function Errors
Quantum Status Code
Quantum Database
INI File Parameter
GeoCoder database
Rate database
Register database
Tax Decision Maker (TDM) database