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Tax Calculation Errors
This section discusses several SUTI-specific errors that can occur during tax calculations for QAD sales transactions. The most common reason for these errors is that SUTI has stopped running and must be manually restarted using the Tax Interface Startup Utility (29.12.1). See Function Failure Errors.
If you are using programs that calculate taxes from the QAD Desktop, you must complete an additional step before reactivating the interface. You must use the Desktop Administration page to close and restart the Connection Manager. Then use Tax Interface Startup Utility to start the interface. See Installation Guide: QAD Desktop.
Important: Closing the Connection Manager closes any active user sessions. Make sure users are notified before executing this step. Users do not necessarily have to log out of QAD, but they cannot be executing an HTML program when the Connection Manager is closed.
Generally, when the system encounters an error while calculating taxes for sales transaction lines, it does not stop processing the transaction. Rather, it skips the line that generated the error and continues calculating taxes for subsequent lines.
The same rule applies for function failure errors generated during tax calculations, with the exception of the error indicated by Quantum status 154. When this error occurs, the system stops calculating taxes for transaction lines. See Function Failure Errors.
Tax Calculation Errors lists several error messages that can display in QAD ERP sales transactions when Quantum is used to calculate taxes.

Tax Calculation Errors
Error Message
Reason Generated
Quantum status 141. API not available.
Indicates that either Quantum or SUTI has stopped running.
Quantum status 160. Unexpected result in tax calculation.
Displays after all transaction line items have been processed to indicate that an interface failure occurred during tax calculation for one or more line items.
Quantum status 310. Write to Quantum database failed.
Generated during creation of Quantum Register records. May indicate that the Quantum Register database has become disconnected.