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Release Notes for September 2013.1 EE
QAD Warehousing Version: QAD Warehousing for QAD 2013.1 Enterprise Edition
Release Date: September 2013
Supported languages: US English, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
User Guide: QAD Warehousing, item 70-3185-2013.1EE
Installation/Conversion Guide: QAD Warehousing installation information can be found in the installation documentation for QAD Enterprise Applications September 2013.1 Enterprise Edition.
Note: The QAD Warehousing Enterprise Edition (EE) installation process differs from the QAD Warehousing Standard Edition (SE) installation process. Please review the installation and conversion guide before you begin installation or conversion.
The RF Receipts (1.8) option now correctly generates RCT-PO tasks when you receive a PO using the option.
When you simulate an inventory item receipt and leave the Lot/Serial and Reference fields blank in Put Away/Loc Find Simulation (4.6.13), the program now displays locations considering their available capacity and the alternate UM for a size type that you specify as R in Alternate Unit of Measure Maint (4.5.1). Previously, the system displayed only one location for the entire simulated inventory receipt, regardless of the available capacity.
Receipts - Unplanned (3.9) no longer displays an error, informing you to enter a code value longer than the defined field length, and correctly generates new pallet numbers when these conditions exist:
You define a UM conversion in Unit of Measure Maintenance (1.13) for the item.
The system uses the alternate UM as the logistics UM in Item-Warehouse Maintenance (80.4.11).
The length of generated pallets is greater than eight characters.
Previously, the system displayed an error and did not generate pallet numbers with these conditions.
Also, Receipts - Unplanned (3.9) now functions correctly and generates pallets in .NET UI when using logistics UMs.
Order Whse Detail Status Inquiry ( no longer displays a Progress error, informing you that the system cannot locate shared temp- or work-table definitions when you click the S(hipper) key in the Order Details frame.
Pre-Shipper/Shipper Report (7.9.6) and Pre-Shipper/Shipper Workbench (7.9.2) now correctly display the container quantity to ship as 1 (one) for a pre-shipper line when you add a container for the line using:
RF BP Pick SO/DO (3.1)
BP Pick All (3.2)
Pallet Explosion (3.6)
Previously, the system displayed a 0 (zero) in the Quantity To Ship field.
RF BP Pick SO/DO (3.1) and RF. BP Pick All (3.2) now display unpicked and picked quantities correctly when the quantity is greater than 9999 and you press the F3 key to display the cart contents. Previously, the system displayed question marks (?) for unpicked and picked quantity.
Wave Selection (4.15.3) no longer displays unallocated lines when you create an order in Customer Scheduled Order Maint (7.3.13) and set Display Only Allocated Lines t to Yes in Wave Planning Control ( Previously, in this scenario, the system displayed unallocated lines.
RF Pallet Explosion (3.6) no longer displays a Progress error, informing you of invalid characters in the numeric input when you set Generate Ref to Yes; then, confirm the pallet. Previously, the system displayed a Progress error in this scenario.
Purchase Order Receipts (5.13.1) no longer has conversion factor problems when processing receipts.
The RF PO Receipt (1.8) option now correctly creates tasks when you receive two different items with the same pallet reference number, and you create the purchase order with actual locations instead of a warehouse.
The RF Select Task (1.2) no longer displays an error informing you that the change is not currently supported and lets you confirm multi-item/multi-lot pallet receipt tasks that the system creates when you:
Use RF PO Receipt (1.8).
Set the system flavor to B in QAD Warehousing Maintenance (4.1.1).
Previously the system displayed an error and did not let you confirm tasks.
In the .NET 2.9.4 version of QAD Warehousing, the system now sets the Multi Entry field to Yes automatically when you:
Define a logistics UM in Item-Warehouse Maintenance (80.4.11) to use as the receipt UM.
Receive in the base UM and update the Quantity field.
The following programs no longer display an error that informs you that you cannot enter a code value longer than the defined field length and no longer prompts you to re-enter when generating pallet numbers:
Receipts - Unplanned (3.9)
Purchase Order Receipt (5.13.1)
Work Order Receipt Backflush (16.12)