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Release Notes for September 2011.1 EE Release
QAD Warehousing Version: QAD Warehousing for QAD 2011.1 Enterprise Edition
Release Date: September 2011
Supported languages: US English, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
User Guide: QAD Warehousing, item 70-3185A
Installation/Conversion Guide: QAD Warehousing installation information can be found in the installation documentation for QAD Enterprise Applications 2011.1 Enterprise Edition.
Note: The QAD Warehousing Enterprise Edition installation process differs from the QAD Warehousing Standard Edition (SE) installation process. Please review the installation and conversion guide before you begin installation or conversion.
New Features Overview
QAD Warehousing was rebranded for QAD 2011.1 EE
The following improvements were made to QAD Warehousing for this release:
QAD Warehousing programs were modified so that the system no longer has issues when scanning Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) numbers.
The system no longer has issues when processing shipped stock that was left in dispatch area. Previously, when staff performed a repick across multiple pallets for a pre-shipper during batch picking, the system duplicated inventory.
Movement Confirmation Workbench (4.8.7) no longer displays the Start date must be prior to end date error message when setting up movement confirmation processing.
Warehouse Order Detail Status Inquiry ( no longer displays a blank Carrier field when you enter carrier data in the Shipvia field in Distribution Order Maintenance (12.17.14). Previously, when carrier data existed in Distribution Order Maintenance, Warehouse Order Detail Status Inquiry displayed no values in the Carrier field.
A new Date Created field was added to Cycle Count Generation (4.18.12) to let you specify a date for cycle count transactions for the item/location that the system uses as criteria when selecting items/locations to count.
The Prefix field in External Device Setup (4.23.22) now correctly processes symbols that you enter as barcode separators with scanned-in barcodes that comply with UCC/EAN-128 encoding standards. Previously, the system incorrectly processed some separators and did not properly display error messages when you entered invalid separators. Now, when the prefix does not match stored prefixes within the system in the mfg_ctrl table, the system displays one of two errors:
Defined prefix not found in the barcode: The prefix you entered is not defined in mfc_ctrl, and therefore, not available for use.
Prefix does not match barcode: The prefix for the barcode does not match prefix-barcode records in mfc_ctrl.