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  • Application Fixes
    The following lists application fixes included in this release.
    Report Bursting: Data Set Needs Child Tables Split (UIG-8063)
    Previously, when running a report burst, the data set splitting was only splitting the parent tables, which could lead to correctness and performance issues. This issue has been fixed with data set filtering that recursively filters child tables as well as the top-level parent table.
    Browse Collection: Default Window Height Issue (UIG-8169)
    Previously, in a browse collection with three levels, the default height of the middle level browse was too short and did not display any records. The window size has now been expanded to display at least two records.
    Reporting Framework: Blank Report Issue (UIG-8309)
    A previous memory leak fix was causing some reports to render blank output even though the reports had data. This issue has now been fixed.
    New Datatypes (UIG-7975)
    Browses and Browse Maintenance now support the INT64 datatype.
    Sub-report Linking (UIG-7959)
    Previously, when linking a subreport to join master-detail table data in a report, the linking did not pick up child records whose link-field case did not exactly match the case of the parent record's link-field. This issue has now been resolved.
    Report Viewer: Commas in Search Conditions (UIG-7996)
    In the Report Viewer, for search conditions with the Equals operator, when you enter commas as search values, the search condition splits the comma-separated values into multiple conditions. If you want to search for a comma, you can “escape” the comma by preceding it with the backslash character (example: \, ). However, for reports whose data source is a proxy program, escaping the comma with a backslash did not work. This issue has now been fixed.
    Menu Option Launch Clearing Dynamic Lookup Data (UIG-7957)
    When registering dynamic browse lookup the qad_wkfl table is used to dynamically change a field’s browse using gpbranch.p. However, the qad_wkfl record was being deleted when another menu option was run. This issue has now been fixed.
    Browse Maintenance Save Issue with Oracle Database (UIG-7982)
    For implementations using the Oracle database, saving a browse from Browse Maintenance could result in an error pertaining to the retrieval of index information (ERROR: The value for column 'indexName' in table 'ttIndexInformationResponse' is DBNull). This issue has now been fixed.
    Attachment Maintenance: Reattachment Correction (UIG-8008)
    Previously, Attachment Maintenance exited unexpectedly when an attachment was attached again. This issue has now been fixed.
    Browse Search Date Entry (UIG-8019)
    Previously, the second date entry in the browse search panel would report an error if there was no value entered for the first date. This issue has been fixed.
    Browse Timeout (UIG-8022)
    Provides a mechanism to set the timeout on a browse “get all records” request to a single value with a <TreatGetAllAsOneRequest> setting in the client-session.xml configuration file. The “get all records” request is actually a series of requests to the server. Setting the parameter to false treats each request separately for timeout. Setting the parameter to true uses one timer for the set of requests. Suppose that the timeout value is 5 minutes and 3 calls are made, each taking 4 minutes. A false setting would not time out, as no single request exceeds 5 minutes. A true setting times out on the second request, as the 5 minutes is used up.
    Create Option for Empty Browse (UIG-8067)
    Previously, the Create button did not work on a browse that contained no records: the Maintenance frame did not appear when the Create button was clicked. This issue has now been fixed.
    Browse Collection Performance Improvement (UIG-8206)
    In a browse collection, when a browse returns no results, any child browses in the collection now have their results cleared automatically. Previously, the system would attempt to update child browses even if the parent browse had no results, which could cause a performance issue.
    Cost Center Lookup Change (UIGS-194)
    Cost Center lookups using swlucc.p now bring up the correct values as in the CHUI interface. Previously, they displayed all the records.
    Browse Local Variable Issue (UIGS-390)
    A browse with local variable functions now displays correct data. Previously, it was displaying blank results page with no data.
    Clearer Indication of VBScript Errors in Reporting Framework Reports (UIGS-432)
    Previously, if a report design had VBScript statements that caused a run-time error, and the report was run in batch mode on a report server, the server run appeared to succeed with no problems, and output was typically generated. However, since a VBScript error occurred, the output might be incorrect due to the error that occurred. Now, in batch mode, the system now logs the VBScript error message for troubleshooting and causes the report status to be ERROR instead of COMPLETE, with no output file produced. In user interface mode, the report displays the error status in a dialog box and cancels the rendering of the report output so that nothing is displayed.
    Memory Leak in Custom Browses (UIGS-424)
    The possible memory leaks on running the reports from the Actions menu of Custom Browses are now handled. Previously, performance was deteriorated due to memory leaks.
    Browse Collection Maintenance Save Button Behavior (UIGS-449)
    In Browse Collection Maintenance, the Save button is now active when the search condition is modified so that you can save a collection with a filter. Previously, the save button was disabled when the filter was modified.
    Disabling Browse Searches Using Contains and Non-Indexed Fields (UIGS-509)
    An administrator can now disable the “contains” search operator and the non-index field search for browses by changing the following settings in the client-session.xml configuration file:
    <!-- Disallow the browse "contains" operator to avoid excessive CPU
    usage that can occur as a result.
    Default is true, allow contains. -->
    <!-- Disallow search on non indexed fields to avoid excessive CPU
    usage that can occur as a result.
    Default is true, allow non indexed searches. -->
    Additionally, the default refresh rate for a browse is now increased to 9999. Previously, it was 999.
    Browse Maintenance: Menu Icon Change (UIGS-323)
    Previously, after a browse was edited and saved using Browse Maintenance, the menu icon for the browse changed from a “browse” icon to a generic “other” icon. This issue has now been fixed.
    Configurable Screens: Yes/No Pop-up Issue (UIGS-445)
    Previously, in Design Mode, pop-up messages did not display correctly, preventing the design process from continuing. This issue has now been fixed.
    Configurable Screens: UI Template Conflict Display (UIGS-474)
    In Configurable Screens, UI Template conflicts are now displayed after setting ConfigByDomain in the setting.dat file. Previously, the conflicts were not displayed.
    Reporting Framework: Unauthorized Design Access (UIGS-418)
    Previously, unauthorized users (users not in the rptAdmin and rptDsgn groups) could open reports in design mode. This issue has now been fixed.
    User Count Monitoring Improvements (UCA-524)
    User count monitoring for AppServer calls has been improved. Previously, login / logout information for remote QAD .NET UI clients was not recorded.
    Favorites: Unexpected Behavior After Migration (UIGS-542)
    This change fixes an issue with favorites migration, which in some cases could cause unexpected behavior in the favorites pane such as duplicate favorites and difficulty with adding and deleting favorites.
    Browse Filters BLANKS and NONBLANKS Now Translated (UIGS-269)
    For all languages, browse filters (BLANKS and NONBLANKS) now display “IS NULL” and “IS NOT NULL.” This has been changed to make it consistent with browse search operators and it resolves the issue with the translation of these filters. Previously, for languages other than English, BLANKS and NONBLANKS filters were not translated and displayed in English only.
    Favorites Now Visible After Second Login After Migration (UIGS-576)
    Favorites are now visible after re-login . Previously, after the migration of favorites, they disappeared when the user logs in for the second time.
    Display of Duplicate Items in Favorites (UIGS-578)
    After migration of favorites from older versions to the QAD .NET UI 2.9.4, the favorite menus displayed duplicate menu items. This issue has now been fixed.