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  • QAD .NET UI Application Changes
    The following summarizes application changes for QAD .NET UI
    Configurable Screens: URLs with % Character (UIGS-656)
    In Configurable Screens, Field labels with the percent character (%) no longer interfere with Design Mode. Previously, the percent character caused the Configure window to display the wrong fields and a message regarding an invalid sequence in the string was displayed in the log file.
    Favorites: Auto Start Menu Name (UIGS-629)
    Favorites menu items (executed as Auto Start) that have been renamed now display the renamed label in the menu tab. Previously, the menu tab displayed the standard menu name instead of the renamed name.
    Performance: Memory Leak Issue (UIG-8916)
    A memory leak in the WebSpeed server has now been fixed. Previously memory was leaking from WebSpeed which was reported to cause the following error in the WebSpeed log file:
    isTimezoneSwitch com/qad/nav/sessws.p' Line:465) Could not create buffer object for table qaddb.qaddb_ctrl. (7334)
    NET Screens: Lookups on Maintenance Screens (UIG-9120)
    Previously, lookups in maintenance screens would fail if no domain or entity was defined, a situation which could occur only on a new, clean installation. The issue has now been fixed.
    Usability: Decimal Field Digits in QAD .NET UI and CHUI (UIGS-741)
    Decimal fields in the QAD .NET UI now allow the same number of digits as in the Character UI (CHUI). Previously, in some cases, the QAD .NET UI provided less digits than in the Character UI.
    Configurable Screens: Disabled Fields and Up / Down Arrows (UIGS-748)
    A field that has been disabled using Configurable Screens now cannot be changed using the up and down arrows. Previously, a user could access a disabled field, scroll up and down on the field, and modify the record.
    Reporting Framework: Server/Service Cleaning Up Resources (UIGS-9008)
    The QAD Reporting Framework Server and QAD Reporting Framework Service are now properly cleaning up resources when exiting. Previously sess_mstr and mon_mstr records were being left stranded in the database.
    Configurable Screens: Required Fields (UIG-9015)
    In Configurable Screens, a required field can no longer be skipped over using the Next button or by entering Ctrl + Enter. Previously, added frames with required fields could be advanced past without entering the required field.
    NET Screens: Field Help Maintenance Text Field (UIGS-763)
    The Text field in Field Help Maintenance ( is now fully visible and accessible. Previously the bottom of the Text field was cut off by part of the screen beneath it.
    Usability: Simulation Criteria Maintenance Fields (UIGS-803)
    Tabbing into the Alpha factor or Trend fields in Simulation Criteria Maintenance (22.7.1) and Simulated Forecast Calculation (22.7.5) now leaves the values intact. Previously, tabbing into those fields caused their values to be reset to zero.
    Favorites: Updated When Changed (UIGS-771)
    Favorites are no longer updated at login; instead, they are only updated when they are changed. Favorites converted from legacy storage are now saved correctly.
    Performance: QAD .NET UI Clean Exit (UIGS-774)
    The QAD .NET UI now closes cleanly upon exit. Previously, upon exit the QAD .NET UI could hang after running for several hours.
    Reporting Framework: Double-Byte Character Display in Reports (UIGS-779)
    Reports with double-byte characters now display correctly. Previously, the left side of the report was truncated, and the print preview showed only the report title on the first page.
    Translations: Polish Language Display (UIGS-756)
    Messages sent to the QAD Messaging directory from the Progress Editor now work for the Polish language. Previously, the message content displayed question marks only.
    NET Screens: Navigation Bar Links (UIGS-9116)
    For Windows systems, links in the Navigation Bar in desktop screens are now working properly after a locked record message appears. Previously, a locked record message caused the links to navigate to incorrect locations.
    NET Screens: Font Size Display (UIGS-792)
    Messages now display correctly at the bottom of the screen for all font sizes. Previously, some messages were cut off for some font sizes.
    Operational Metrics: Range Filter Totals (UIGS-681)
    A combination of range filters in operational metrics now generates correct output. Previously, the totals of the ranges were incorrect.
    Operational Metrics: Multiple Search Condition Processing (UIGS-799)
    Previously, multiple search conditions would not be processed for operational metrics. This issue has been fixed: the metrics are now calculated correctly.
    Configurable Screens: Saving with Multiple Read-Only Fields Hidden (UIGS-806)
    Configurable screens now save correctly when multiple read-only fields are hidden. Previously, the screen would hang and would not save.
    Browses: Search Conditions Overlap (UIGS-818)
    Browse search conditions are now scaled based on the DPI setting. Previously, larger DPI settings would cause the browse search conditions to overlap each other.
    NET Screens: WebSpeed Messenger with Java (UIG-9054)
    WebSpeed Messenger now works correctly on Windows servers with Java version or greater. Previously, WebSpeed would fail, causing the Connection Manager and Maintenance screens to fail.