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    Release Notes for Release 1.2
    Version: 1.2
    Date: March 2011
    Related Documentation: User Guide: QAD Workflow Alerts (70-3094A), Installation Guide: QAD Workflow Alerts (78-0936A)
    New and Changed Features
    QXtend Outbound Enhancements
    Event messages sent from QXtend Outbound to Workflow Alerts now contain event creation time and time zone information.
    For QAD Enterprise Applications that run under Progress version 9, a new Time Zone field is available in QXtend Outbound Control.
    Proactive Date and Time-Based Alert and Subscription Conditions
    You can now create alert and subscription conditions against date and date-time values that are monitored against data in the business event so that alerts can be proactively triggered before an important deadline is passed.
    Alert messages containing the most current data are delivered when the planned send date/time arrives and the alert conditions are still satisfied.
    Date/Time-Based Alert Delay
    For alert subscriptions, you can now define a time delay in days and hours that will have the system deliver alert messages not at the time the alert is triggered, but when the specified delay time has passed but the business event associated with the alert is still in a triggered state. You can use this feature to escalate alerts for certain exceptional events when corrective actions are not taken in a specified amount of time.
    Alert Queue Monitor
    You can now use Alert Queue Monitor to monitor statuses of alert messages, view their detailed information as well as view the messages in HTML format. For failed and partially failed alert messages, you can also delete them or resend them to subscribers who failed to receive them.
    Note: Currently, Alert Queue Monitor only shows messages that are in the delivery queue waiting to be sent. Date/time-based proactive and delayed messages are not displayed at the moment.
    Simplified Deployment Model
    This release of Workflow Alerts assumes a simplified deployment model that reduces the number of required components on the Tomcat server from three to one to reduce system resource consumption and improve system performance.
    In the previous release, three components are required to be deployed on the Tomcat server for the application to run: OpenEJB, workflow-webservice, and workflow-server. From this release on, only the workflow-server component is required.
    Known Issues
    Starting the QXtend Installer UI in X-Windows while using X-Windows clients (such as xterm) can make installer UI menu items difficult to select. This is a known environment-related issue with the Java X-Windows component. To work around it, use the Up and Down keys to make a selection.
    In Alert Maintenance or Subscription Maintenance, when you quickly click the Refresh button multiple times, a script error window pops up. Just ignore the error and close the window.

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