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  • Package Exceptions Summary Dashboard
    The Package Exceptions Summary dashboard organizes common measures of delivery exceptions and delays. The dashboard shows statistics that can be used to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of meeting customer delivery expectations, and evaluate carrier delivery effectiveness. Sales analysts can use this data to evaluate exceptions and delays in shipping history. The information can help them prepare for customer reviews and carrier contract negotiations using facts including actual delays and causes of delivery exceptions. Logistics and transportation managers can use this data to report on packages that were lost or damaged or delayed during transit. They can identify the cause of delays/exceptions during transit (carrier pickup/delivery delays, attempted deliveries, customs issues, and so on).
    The visual items on the Package Exceptions Summary dashboard (each of which is discussed in more detail) include:
    Exceptions by Month
    Exceptions for Current Month
    Delays by Month
    To access this dashboard, log in to QAD BI using your user ID and password. The system automatically redisplays the last used dashboard for a given user ID. If the Package Exceptions Summary dashboard does not appear immediately after login, pull down the Dashboard Menu at the top of the window. Select QAD Standard|Transportation Management|Package Exceptions Summary.

    Accessing the Package Exceptions Summary Dashboard
    A parameter selection bar allows you to specify:
    The from/to date period for the statistics
    The Alert/Exception Types to be included in the statistics

    Parameter Selection Bars
    You can click in any of the date range selection boxes and type an appropriate value directly, or you can use the drop-down list and select the appropriate period date.
    The list of available Alert Types is determined by the selection of Raised Alerts/Exceptions on PEM shipping plans. You can select one or several Alert Types on which to conduct your analysis. For example, you may wish to analyze how many of your international shipments have encountered customs issues over the past number of months.
    The Alert Types selected as initial defaults are:
    Shipment Returned
    Delivery Attempted
    Customs Issue
    Address Problem
    if any of these Alert Types are raised on shipping plans. You can change or add to this default selection.
    After making your selections, click Refresh to update the statistics to match the appropriate selections.