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  • Known Issues
    Portal Issues
    The BI Portal application cannot run in the same instance of Tomcat as QXTend. (QBI-174)
    Visual items: drill-in using hierarchy the "loading" spinner displays forever. (QBI-181)
    Model changes in RED are not picked up unless a custom model is opened in the Portal, saved and closed. (QBI-127)
    Creating two Dashboards with same name in different folders causes problems. (QBI-514)
    "Compare By" in Query Design does not allow calculated fields. (QBI-587)
    Export to PDF of report - Chinese characters don't show up properly. (QBI-590)
    The GUI supports translation of repository object names, but the Export/Import object functionality does not yet include the import and export of the translated strings (QBI-604)
    Rename of Data Security Model changes name in Model screen, but not in Add/Edit User screen. (QBI-626)
    Query Designer Advanced mode cannot be used if the query includes a Comparative component. (QBI-671)
    In the BI Portal, a Dashboard text area cannot be edited when Firefox is the browser. (QBI-677)
    Metadata (Module) Issues
    fact_ar_invoice_history has the 'entered date' value stored as a degenerate dimension value rather than as a dimensional join. This will change to a full dimension join in future releases of the BI data warehouse. Doing so might cause some queries to need to change in the future. (QBI-26)
    fact_om_order_history is currently filtering out any orders where the open_amount in tr_hist = 0. We need these transactions to complete the history of transactions. (QBI-664) This problem can also cause fact_om_order_performance to give false late markers. (QBI-700)
    Installation of BI analytical modules in a pre-domain ERP environment requires manual changes to metadata. (QBI-691)
    The BI analytical modules do not yet support the QAD ERP running in Oracle. (QBI-693)
    The FINANCIAL_REPORT_GENERATOR job only works on Standard Edition data, not on Enterprise Edition. (QBI-697)
    dim_credit_term - slowly changing dimension, creates new dimension key using same column values every day. (QBI-704)
    fact_po_order_history is filtering out the offspring of blanket orders and it's unclear if this is actually correct. (QBI-705)