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Network Recommendations
Be aware of both sizing notes from this table and review Reference: Network Sizing Details before finalizing network recommendations for the customer.
Network Bandwidth
(Effect of Latency)
Network Card
ERP database to BI database
10+ MB/s
(80 Mbps)
4 MB/s 1
(32 Mbps)
Ensure at least 1-Gbps card
The WAN figure is a guideline figure and depends on the actual latency involved (seeWAN Considerations for details).
Backup of BI database
1 Gbps
Ensure at least 1-Gbps card
Remote Client to BI Portal
80-140 kB/s
(640 – 1120 kbps) per user
50+ kB/s 2
(400+ kbps) per user
Ensure that these rates are minimum bandwidth per user for each remote client to BI Portal user
Increasing latency (on WANs) has a very significant effect on slowing down the transfer rate between the ERP database and the BI database. Make very careful measurement of the network quality (latency and packet loss, bandwidth) of any customer proposing a WAN-based separation between the ERP database and the BI database servers (see Reference: Network Sizing Details for details)
Testing has shown that client response times are expected to slow down by up to 100% across a WAN with a latency of 300-400 ms. Responsiveness slows down across Wide Area Networks.