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  • Release Notes for Release 3.3.1
    QAD Business Intelligence Version: 3.3.1
    Date: November 2010
    QAD BI 3.3.1 adds new information in the Inventory warehouse module and a few minor fixes for the BI Portal.
    New Feature Summary
    Inventory: The inventory schema has been extended to include the following new measures:
    Average daily issued quantity and value historical: these columns contain the quantities of inventory issued during a period, and the value of that inventory based on standard costs for the items in the inventory being collected.
    Days on hand historical: inventory projected days on hand based on historic usage information for the inventory. Period calculations for inventory usages are used to project the amount of available inventory.
    Days on hand projected: projected amount of inventory on hand based on demand records recorded for that inventory. This value is recalculated daily to give accurate measures of inventory requirements.
    Multi-measure cubes: Three new Multi-measure cubes have been added. These cubes cover Inventory, Purchasing and Sales. Each cube contains multiple fact tables from the module area, allowing the user to not only explore the fact tables themselves along many dimensions but to also relate the fact tables together inside an Excel pivot table.
    QAD Issue
    Customer Case
    Visual items were taking up slightly more space in 3.3 than the same visual item in 3.2, causing some dashboards to align incorrectly. This has been corrected.
    In some instances, editing a query in advanced mode did not allow the user to press the “next” button. This kept the user from assigning types to the columns in the advanced query. This is now corrected and the wizard button is always available.
    Using an advanced query that had multiple parameter values would cause a failure in the report designer when operating with that query.
    QBI-475, QBI-476
    The daily date roll stored procedure was not properly setting the YTD, MTD and QTD fields correctly. These calculations have all been updated to be correct.
    Item standard costs were not always updating in daily loads. This has been corrected: an item’s cost is now always loaded in daily runs.
    QBI-485, QBI-486
    Problems during load could occur with very long holiday descriptions, or merged holiday name and description fields.
    Indexes for all dimensional joins on fact tables have now been added in the data warehouse.
    The default setting for an installations snapshot table summaries is now set to monthly (M) rather than weekly (W). This default setting is more appropriate for most customers, and uses far less disk space.
    Unit costs on shipments are now correctly calculated on shipments when the item being shipped is a kit, not an individual item.
    Some display names in AP Voucher History, AP Invoice Snapshot and OM Order History have been changed to reflect a consistent naming standard for the costs and the currency in which they have been represented.
    An item’s weight (net_weight) and unit of measure for the weight (net_weight_um) has been added to the dim_item dimension.
    The financial report generator tables would mistakenly enter many rows for line items in some cases. While this was often benign, the multiple rows were confusing and this behavior has been removed.
    GL accounts that are handled with fiscal period accounting were not properly resetting to zero balances in a new fiscal accounting period. This is now corrected. Accounts can be reset if they are of specific types. See the parameter information in the data warehouse for more information.
    AR and AP aging calculations would be off for records that did not change during a new period. This release fixes the problem, properly aging records even if they do not change in the source system.
    Known Issues
    The BI Portal application cannot run in the same instance of Tomcat as QXTend. (QBI174)
    Model changes in RED are not picked up unless a custom model is opened in the Portal, saved and closed. (QBI-127)
    fact_ar_invoice_history has the ‘entered date’ value stored as a degenerate dimension value rather than as a dimensional join. This will change to a full dimension join in future releases of the BI data warehouse. Doing so might cause some queries to need to change in the future. (QBI-26)
    The server-config.xml file includes user and password information for connecting to the QAD BI Portal database. Please secure this file properly with file system permissions. (QBI-176)