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    Release Notes for Release 4.3.1
    QAD Configurator Version: 4.3.1
    Release Date: September 2007
    MFG/PRO Compatibility: MFG/PRO eB2 and eB2.1; QAD Enterprise Applications 2007 (QAD 2007)
    Note: Effective with Service Pack 5, MFG/PRO eB2.1 has been renamed QAD 2007. Release Notes references to MFG/PRO also apply to QAD 2007.
    Related Documentation: User Guide: QAD Configurator (item 78-0640A); Installation Guide: QAD Configurator (item 78-0641A)
    These release notes describe the most significant changes and fixes introduced with this version of QAD Configurator.
    When you define rules with a large number of variables, the system no longer displays a Progress error message related to a 32 KB limit.
    Several issues related to Questionnaire have been fixed:
    A pricing browse is now always available when you select Pricing Info. Previously, the Pricing block was grayed-out under some circumstances.
    Entries in the Status column have been clarified as shown in the following table:
    New Code
    Previous Code
    Automatically Answered
    Manually Answered
    In some cases, you could not complete a configuration in which a dependent feature was left with a single option if the dependent feature option had Mandatory set to Yes and the standard options were set to No. In this release, feature options display correctly in that situation.
    When you exclude a single option as part of a rule, the system no longer incorrectly populates the answer column with the literal string from the exclusion definition.
    When you use exclusion-based rules, the system now builds the exclusion list correctly. Previously, the last exclusion found replaced the list, instead of being appended to it—leading to incorrect results, such as having the incorrect default answer.
    An incorrect warning message (Not all questions are answered. Continue?) no longer displays when all questions have been answered. This sometimes resulted because a price could not be calculated correctly for some multi-level generic items—which also caused a ** ttprice record not on file error to display in Sales Order Maintenance.
    Costs are now rolled up correctly to all levels when an item is configured. Previously, cost roll-ups were not always done correctly for three-level structures.
    COP Batch Compiler now works correctly with various combinations of parameters defined in QAD Configurator Parameter Maintenance. Previously, some combinations of valid parameters caused the compiler to fail and display error messages.
    QAD Configurator has been modified to create the correct lines in Sales Order Maintenance and the correct structures in Product Structure Maintenance when a configured item includes phantoms nested within the product structure.
    The Load MFG/PRO Data function has been fixed so that it now loads data correctly without displaying Progress error messages.
    Multi-line sales quotes and sales orders now have all the line-item fields populated correctly when the structure includes phantoms. Previously, in some cases the first line was correct, but subsequent lines had incorrect or missing data in some fields.
    Item Rule Maintenance no longer displays a Duplicate variable name--pclogon error message when you save a new rule.
    Some programs—including those used to define and maintain rules—previously displayed an error message and hung up the application if parent and child windows were closed in a certain sequence. The current release fixes that problem.
    The following issues have been corrected involving Message Report:
    Missing default records have been added to the pra_ctrl table. Previously, the missing records caused Message Report to display error messages such as RELEASE NUMBER NOT DEFINED.
    The report file generated from Microsoft Word now correctly displays QAD as the company name.

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