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  • Release Notes for Release 4.4
    QAD Configurator Version: 4.4
    Release Date: April 2008
    QAD Product Suite Compatibility: QAD 2007, QAD 2007.1, QAD 2008 Standard
    Note: During the product life cycle, QAD changed the name of the former MFG/PRO eB2.1 product to QAD 2008 Standard. Individual releases of QAD 2008 Standard are identified by a decimal number; for example, QAD 2008.1 Standard. (The Service Pack 5 and 6 releases were branded as QAD 2007 and QAD 2007.1, respectively.) The Enterprise Financials version of the product is called QAD 2008 Enterprise and follows the same convention of identifying individual releases with a decimal number.
    Related Documentation: User Guide: QAD Configurator (item 78-0733A); Installation Guide: QAD Configurator (item 78-0732A)
    These release notes describe the most significant changes and fixes introduced with this version of QAD Configurator.
    Questionnaire .NET User Interface
    In this release of QAD Configurator, the Questionnaire module features a whole new .NET user interface that is integrated with QAD 2008 Standard using QAD .NET UI 2.7. It performs the same functions as the Questionnaire Windows user interface but has a more intuitive and consistent look and feel and offers richer data search and browsing capabilities.
    Note: Users of earlier versions of QAD Enterprise Applications can continue to use the Windows GUI version of the questionnaire. The .NET UI version is only available to users who install QAD 2008 Standard.
    Multiple-Domain Support
    This release of QAD Configurator provides true support for multiple domains in the QAD 2008 Standard application. Previously, you needed to install a new Configurator instance for each domain.
    Functional Group Maintenance
    A new Functional Group Maintenance function is provided in this release to categorize variables and features.
    New Variant Item Numbering Component
    You can now use alphabetically sequenced characters as a part of the variant item number when defining the variant item number formats in COP Maintenance.
    Corrections to Existing Features
    The system now correctly calculates the prices of sublevel components in a multilevel generic item where the component features are quantity based but corresponding variables are not.
    Physical and logical names of QAD ERP and CPD databases QAD Configurator connects to are no longer hard coded in the system. Previously, QAD Configurator failed to connect to QAD ERP and CPD databases whose physical and logical names were different from the hard-coded values.
    The system has been modified to change the pcpt_rcode field value when loading data from a dumped package file to prevent identical pcpt_rcode field values in the same instance.
    Gratuitous error messages no longer display when running the Where-Used report.
    The system now handles numeric variables correctly when using European numeric formats.
    You can now create general rules using the free and advanced formats in the German language version of QAD Configurator.