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  • Release Notes for Release 5.1
    QAD Configurator Version: 5.1
    Release Date: September 2009
    QAD Product Suite Compatibility: eB2.1 SP4, QAD 2007, QAD 2007.1, QAD 2008 Standard, QAD 2008.1 Standard, QAD 2008.1 Enterprise, QAD 2009 Standard, QAD 2009 Enterprise, QAD 2009.1 Enterprise
    Related Documentation: User Guide: QAD Configurator (item 78-0761B); Installation Guide: QAD Configurator (item 78-0762BC)
    These release notes describe the most significant changes and fixes introduced with this version of QAD Configurator.
    Configuration Rebuild
    User-Defined Warning Messages
    Variant Item-Site Data Options
    New Browses and Browse Collections
    Custom Functions in Sales and Product Configuration Rules
    System Variables in Sales and Product Configuration Rules
    Non-editable Configurable Item Descriptions
    New Process Maps
    Configurator Metrics
    Configuration Rebuild
    You can now use Configuration Rebuild to quickly make batch changes to multiple configurations and update variant items data without having to go through the questionnaire entry process. You can also reprice configurations as well as update variant product structures and routings for selected variant items during the rebuild process.
    The Configuration Rebuild function does not create new variant items from existing configurations. For configurations without variant items, only features and price information can be updated.
    User-Defined Warning Messages
    When constructing sales configuration rules, you can now define warning messages to display when a particular rule condition is met during the questionnaire entry process.
    Variant Item-Site Data Options
    You can now specify for each configurable item, whether to create item-site data along with item master records when the system generates variants from the configurable item, and if so, which sites to use to create item-site data. This feature can be disabled during system installation as needed.
    New Browses and Browse Collections
    The following menu-level browses and browse collections are now available for easily viewing, filtering and sorting configurations, variables, and features:
    Configuration browse
    View Variables and Features browse collection
    View Configurations browse collection
    Custom Functions in Sales and Product Configuration Rules
    The system now lets you easily define and maintain custom functions in two separate Progress programs and use them in sales and product configuration rule definitions. These custom functions are called and executed when the system processes the rules containing them.
    System Variables in Sales and Product Configuration Rules
    You can now use the following exposed system variables when defining sales and product configuration rules.
    Current domain ID
    Used in both sales and product configuration rules.
    Current master group ID in Configurator
    Current configurable item ID
    Current QAD ERP log-in user ID
    Current QAD ERP user language code
    Configuration ID
    When used in sales configuration rules, the variable contains the reloaded configuration ID for reloaded configurations and is blank for new configurations. When used in product configuration rules, the variable contains the current configuration ID.
    Variant item number
    The variable can only be used in sales configuration rules. The variable contains the variant item number of the reloaded configuration for reloaded configurations and is blank for new configurations.
    Non-editable Configurable Item Descriptions
    The system no longer lets you modify configurable item descriptions retrieved from the QAD ERP item master. Previously, you could edit the Description field in Configurable Item Maintenance.
    New Process Maps
    The Configurator process maps have been updated and are now integrated into the Supply Chain View and Vertical Industry View process maps in the QAD .NET UI 2.8.2.
    Configurator Metrics
    Configurator now offers you a set of metrics to help you gauge how effectively you are using Configurator on a daily basis in order to reveal opportunities for improvement and make the best use of the product. This visual management tool lends at-a-glance insight into your performance level in using Configurator by graphically representing the following KPIs (Key Performance Indexes):
    Configurator Model Completeness
    Configurator Rules Completeness
    Configurator Operational Performance